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30 August 2006 @ 08:07 am
Thanks to everyone who's joined so far, and extra thanks to those of you advertising the community around. However, there's been a change of plan, and perhaps it's one that will go over a lot better than what's happening right now.

Instead of just giving us one Final Fantasy VII prompt a week, I'll be giving us two to work with. One fanfiction, one original. The original prompt will be much less specific, such as the classic 'Boy meets girl' scenario. This will allow for not only writing more freely, but for a few of us, writing more comfortably outside the fanfiction world.

And this also helps writaholics; you can feel free to use both prompts if you'd like. Also, if you ever have a prompt you want to see used, leave it as a comment on one of my entries and it might just happen. Hell, you can be responsible for the first prompt if it's good enough. How cool is that?

Relax for a while, kids. I'm not going to be throwing these gears into motion until next Monday, so stragglers can stream in and I can wind down from my most recent venture to Nebraska.

Just a friendly little note.

The Management.
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